A success story

by | Sep 2023

Photo: From left to right: Bastian Müller, Mario Thom, Torsten Oppermann, Markus Oeller

Today we would like to introduce you to the exciting collaboration between PRofiFLITZER GmbH and 1SP Agency. We had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Torsten Oppermann, CO-CEO and co-founder of MSM.digital and 1SP Agency. In this interview, he explains the history, synergies, goals and future prospects of this successful partnership. Let’s dive into the world of ProfiFLITZER and 1SP!

How did the collaboration come about? What factors led to this partnership?

We have found that our previous collaboration in the area of channel marketing has already been extremely successful and that our strengths complement each other perfectly. It was therefore a logical step to intensify this cooperation. We have pooled our resources and networked our teams more closely in order to work even more efficiently and creatively. This enables us to offer our customers a broader range of measures and solutions in the area of channel marketing.

Our primary goal is to recognize the potential of our customers and to develop this potential together with them. We achieve this by combining our expertise and experience and developing customized strategies to increase their reach and visibility in the relevant channels.

Who are the managing directors and what makes them tick?

Let’s take a look at the five managing directors: Bastian, Ron and Mario from ProfiFLITZER and Markus and Torsten from 1SP Agency.

Bastian Müller

  • has over 20 years of expertise in the field of personnel-supported sales promotion measures in stationary retail and online channels. As co-founder of PRofiFlitzer GmbH, he developed the company into an internationally active quality and technology leader with a clear growth and omni-channel strategy.

Ron Draudt

  • has more than 23 years of experience in the retail sector. He has worked for both MediaMarkt and Microsoft in various key positions and brings with him a broad network and expertise in the areas of sales and marketing.

Mario Thom

  • is also an expert in the field of personnel-supported sales promotion measures and co-founder of PRofiFlitzer GmbH. With innovative solutions and a clear growth strategy, he has developed the company into an industry leader.

Markus Oeller

  • has been active in channel marketing for over 20 years and co-founded 1SP Agency, which offers omni-channel marketing from a single source. His expertise lies in the interplay between POS and digital marketing.

Torsten Oppermann

  • has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of digital brand communication, social media and online marketing. He is co-founder of 1SP Agency and has extensive expertise in tech, gaming and business growth.

What advantages do you see in the combination of promotion and digital marketing? How do these two areas complement each other?

Brick-and-mortar retail is increasingly developing into an experience with a focus on first-class advice. We are moving away from a pure product selection towards a comprehensive customer experience. Outstanding advice and attractive sales areas at the point of sale are now indispensable.

To inspire customers right from the start, we need to promote our products and brands online even before they visit the store. We would like to give them the opportunity to inform themselves in advance and arouse their interest. As soon as they enter the store, we rely on outstanding advice to convince them of our customers’ products and services. We want to create a positive shopping experience where they can try out the products and benefit from our expertise at the same time.

After the purchase, it is important to us to inspire customers with digital after-sales services. For example, we offer options such as personalized recommendations, exclusive offers and fast and efficient customer service. These digital tools are designed to ensure that we can build a long-term relationship with our customers after the purchase and continue to inspire them.

We also understand that not every customer is ready to buy immediately. That’s why we want to offer them digital options to stay in touch with our brand and our products. This can be done, for example, by providing informative content, inspiring ideas or personalized offers. Our focus is on creating a holistic and seamless shopping experience that inspires both online and offline. We want to address customers online before they visit, convince them in-store and then build long-term loyalty through digital solutions.

How do you work together as a team? How are the tasks and responsibilities divided?

Ideally, we work according to the principle of “one face to the client”. This means that every customer has a dedicated contact person and can choose what they need from our 1SP Agency service offering. We accompany the entire customer journey, from creating awareness and incentives to buy to product reviews or the opportunity to share positive experiences via social media.

This approach guarantees that the customer receives comprehensive support and does not have to communicate with numerous contacts. Our contact person understands the customer’s needs and requirements and can recommend the appropriate services from our portfolio accordingly. The customer therefore benefits from highly efficient and seamless communication and receives tailored support along their entire customer journey.

How do you support each other in achieving your goals?

Our motto is always: “Teamwork makes the dream work”. We have an efficient management team that works together across the various divisions and involves all members of the 1SP family. We attach great importance to close cooperation and the integration of companies in order to meet our customers’ requirements in the best possible way.

Our management team, which bridges the various divisions, works closely together to ensure that we make the best possible use of our resources and skills. We share experience, best practices and expertise to create synergies and continuously improve our services. By integrating the strengths and expertise of all members of our 1SP family, we can offer our clients comprehensive, high-quality support.

The integration of the various companies within the 1SP family enables us to respond to the varying requirements and needs of our customers at all times. We pursue a common vision and working method to ensure that we act efficiently and effectively as a team. This close cohesion and integration along the lines of customer requirements are crucial to our success and enable us to deliver individually tailored solutions.

How do our clients benefit from the collaboration between the two agencies? What added value can you expect?

Our 1SP family consists of more than just two companies. It comprises a wide-ranging group of companies that are all closely networked and work together to ensure the success of our customers. These include Insight, the MSM units (Comms, Channel, AR/VR, Tech), Studio CO2, our studio in Macedonia, our Swedish department and our team in India.

These different areas within the 1SP family work in close connection and cooperation with each other. We utilize the different strengths and expertise of each company to provide a comprehensive and diverse range of services for our customers. Each area contributes to meeting the needs of our customers and driving their success. This intensive cooperation and integration enables us to create synergies and get the most out of each unit. Together we develop innovative solutions, realize creative concepts and offer our customers a wide range of services and expertise. We work as one unit to ensure that we can meet our customers’ individual requirements and deliver first-class results.

The cooperation within the entire 1SP family is crucial to our success and enables us to support our customers on an international level. Our global team works closely together to develop the best solutions for our customers and support their success in various markets.

What challenges have you experienced in the collaboration between promotion and digital marketing and how did you overcome them? Or which ones still need to be mastered?

In the past, the Internet connection was often an obstacle in retail and in some cases one of the biggest problems. I well remember situations, for example in FNAC stores in Paris, where the WLAN or mobile phone connection on the lower floors was inadequate. That was quite annoying. Fortunately, the situation is making steady progress and improvements can be seen in many places.

It is positive to note that the Internet connection in retail is constantly being improved. Nowadays, it is increasingly important that customers can count on a stable WLAN connection and fast mobile Internet access while shopping. This gives them access to online content, product information, reviews and much more. A robust internet connection is essential to ensure a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

What examples of success can we already name from our collaboration?

A fascinating example of this is our collaboration with Intel. We run creator marketing campaigns with some of Germany’s leading Twitch streamers, such as Anni the Duck. We not only focus on generating awareness, but also combine this with targeted sales promotion measures. The result is a powerful combination of attention and sales promotion.

By working with prominent twitchers, we can reach a large target group and draw their attention to the Intel brand. Creator marketing campaigns enable us to increase brand awareness and at the same time arouse the target group’s interest in the products. This awareness is then reinforced by targeted sales promotion campaigns in which we offer customers incentives to purchase Intel products. This combination of awareness and sales ensures that the marketing campaigns not only generate attention, but also achieve concrete sales results. We create a strong connection between the enthusiasm for the brand and the customer’s interest in buying.

How do we develop innovative approaches together to provide our customers with the best possible support and increase our brand awareness?

We look at each customer challenge individually and develop customized campaigns based on the customer’s goals and budget. We understand that every customer has unique needs and goals that need to be taken into account. That is why we attach great importance to working closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and develop the best possible solution. We carefully analyze the client’s existing budget and objectives to ensure that we design a campaign that achieves the desired success.

What trends in promotion and digital marketing are you currently observing and how do they influence your collaboration?

The role of “digital” sales strategies, such as video sales, which take place in real time in the same way as stationary retail, is becoming increasingly important. Customers increasingly appreciate this approach as it enables the use of omnichannel strategies. This gives them the freedom to shop not only through their own website or e-tailer’s online store, but also at the point of sale itself, with quality advice offered everywhere, including on social media.

Ideally, this development means that customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience and thus benefit from the advantages of different channels. Thanks to the “digital” sales staff, they have the opportunity to experience products both online and on site, always benefiting from excellent advice. They enjoy the flexibility of using their preferred channels for purchases and always having access to high-quality advice available on different platforms.

Social media in particular plays a key role in this context by giving customers the opportunity to establish a connection with brands and products and at the same time benefit from their expertise. By introducing sales functions on social media platforms, customers can discover products, ask questions and make direct purchasing decisions, supported by a qualified salesperson.

How are you planning future projects and how will you develop your collaboration to meet the changing demands of the market?

I am firmly convinced that the key to success lies in an unrestricted focus on customer needs. This should be done with foresight and with the use of digital data. It’s about data-based campaigns as opposed to pure gut feeling. In this respect, we as a Group, but also the professional speedsters, are well positioned thanks to our skills in predictive data analytics.

How do you envision the future or how do you see the agency in 5 years? Vision/Mission

Our ambitious goal of becoming the leading international agency in the consumer electronics, games/entertainment and technology sectors remains unchanged. We are and will remain specialists in effectively addressing and sustainably inspiring users of these product categories.