FLZR: 20 years of success, commitment and innovation

by | Mar 2024

Today we at FLZR are celebrating a very special anniversary – 20 years full of challenging projects, inspiring partnerships and, above all, the tireless commitment of our employees. To mark the occasion, we would like to take a look back with you at our beginnings, highlight the highlights of our journey and look ahead to the future. We asked our 2 founders and managing directors Mario Thom and Bastian Müller about this:

Can you give us a brief review of the beginnings of PRofiFLITZER, now FLZR? How did it all begin and how has the company developed over the years?

Mario Thom: “The two of us started out small during our studies. We recognized the gap in recruiting for promotion jobs and wanted to set quality standards. Our focus was on transparency, which was lacking in the industry at the time. This was well received and so the company grew organically until we eventually became FLZR. It’s been an exciting journey from humble beginnings to the established company we are today.”

Bastian Müller and Mario Thom (Managing Directors and founders of FLZR)

Did you ever have any doubts about starting your own agency?

Bastian Müller: “There were doubts at the beginning, of course. The uncertainty as to whether our ideas and visions would really be successful was omnipresent. But the more we got involved, the more success we saw. The will to change and improve something always motivated us. Ultimately, we learned that team cohesion and belief in our vision made us strong.”

What were the biggest challenges you had to face in the last 20 years and how were they overcome?

Mario Thom: “The biggest challenge was undoubtedly the coronavirus crisis. Suddenly we were faced with a situation that we had never experienced before. But thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and our forward-looking planning, we were able to overcome them successfully and emerge stronger. The flexibility and adaptability of our team were crucial.

What have been the biggest learnings in the last 20 years?

Bastian Müller: “Our biggest learning was that team cohesion and the development of each individual are essential. We learned that the success of a company is inextricably linked to the strength of its team. Ultimately, the strength of the team is the key to success.”

What milestones has the company achieved since it was founded? Are there any special events or successes that should be highlighted?

Mario Thom: “With PoSLive, we were pioneers in digital communication and closed the consulting gap on the Internet. Every win and every new partnership was a milestone for us on our journey. There were many moments that made us proud and showed how far we have come.”

How do you see the future of FLZR?

Bastian Müller: “Our vision for the future is clear – we want to become Europe’s market-leading field sales agency. Under the umbrella of the 1SP Group, we have the opportunity to develop our service and expand throughout Europe. For our customers, this means even more expertise and comprehensive solutions from a single source.”

A message to customers, employees and stakeholders

Mario Thom and Bastian Müller: “Finally, we would like to thank you all – our customers, employees and stakeholders – for your support, your trust and your loyalty over these 20 years. Whether you are part of our team or working with us, we want to encourage you to fulfill your work with passion and joy. Because focus, self-motivation and fun at work are the keys to a successful and sustainable company.

Thank you for being and continuing to be a part of our journey!

Mario Thom + Bastian Müller
The management of FLZR