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PRofiFLITZER becomes FLZR: Rebranding as the starting signal for internationalization

A major change is imminent, with which the full-service agency PRofiFLITZER is leading its successful brand into a new era. As part of its internationalization, FLZR has carried out a comprehensive rebranding in order to position and offer its point of sale services internationally – particularly for its games, consumer electronics and technology customers.

PRofiFLITZER is now called FLZR

The aim of the company is to be present throughout Europe and beyond under the new name FLZR under the umbrella of 1SP Agency. This realignment is a decisive step towards repositioning FLZR in line with its own high quality standards and meeting the requirements of a global market. FLZR attaches great importance to the fact that the increasing internationalization of its own services must also go hand in hand with a suitable brand image.

Despite these changes, FLZR sees one thing remaining unchanged: An unwavering commitment to first-class customer service. The highly motivated, highly qualified and now international FLZR team will remain a trusted contact for its customers. At the same time, the services offered were adapted and expanded in the course of internationalization, primarily to meet the global needs of customers. This represents a decisive step in the company’s own “go-to-market” strategy.

FLZR firmly believes that this strategic realignment will not only help to continue to satisfy existing customers, but will also open up new markets, product and customer categories to help customers achieve greater sales.

Bastian Müller and Mario Thom (from left to right) – founders of PRofiFLITZER and managing directors of FLZR

“The rebranding from PRofiFLITZER to FLZR marks a decisive milestone in our company history. It not only symbolizes our growth and development, but also our ambition to shine on the international stage,” says Bastian Müller, founder and Managing Director of FLZR. “We are proud to continue to offer our customers and partners first-class services under this new name to strengthen their sales. At FLZR, we remain true to our tradition of excellence as we boldly break new ground to achieve future success across Europe and beyond.”

“We are confident that this strategic realignment will not only help us to continue to satisfy our existing customers, but also to open up new markets for our customers and position ourselves internationally,” adds Mario Thom, Managing Director Projects and Finance at FLZR.

About FLZR

FLZR, formerly known as PRofiFLITZER, is a leading full-service agency for services relating to the point of sale (PoS). The company offers a comprehensive range of services, from the development of concepts and strategies to the implementation and evaluation of PoS campaigns. With advanced reporting solutions that FLZR develops in-house, the company guarantees a comprehensive service with maximum transparency and performance monitoring. FLZR’s vision has become a reality: excellently structured casting procedures, team assembly and training, and the use of pioneering online tools are the hallmarks of continuous progress and successful developments.

Since its founding in 2004, FLZR has continuously worked to create exceptional customer experiences – always with people at the center. FLZR is known for its innovative approaches and customer-oriented solutions and has earned a reputation as one of the leading companies in its field over the past 20 years.

With the rebranding to the FLZR brand in 2024, the company underlines its commitment to internationalization and adaptation to the dynamic needs of a global market environment. FLZR aims to become the leading service provider in Europe for the point of sale. Innovative solutions, such as their online video advice or social selling, are the first step towards the future of retail.

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